IPAC 2030

IPAC 2030


» Display of speed, shift output and total output
» Trolley wheels
» All variable settings marked on scales for fool proof size change
» Blowing of broken products on in-feed conveyor
» Quick size change over

IPAC 2030 is a suitable machine to flow wrap soaps. Products arriving on an infeed conveyor (not part of the machine) enters servo driven an accumulator conveyor. Products are further fed one by one in timed manner into the lug conveyor for wrapping operation. Wrapper is fed through positive pull rollers to relieve pull pressure from the bottom sealers for high speed operation. For high speed accurate print registration, servo drive is used for wrapper pull length.

Standard Features:
1. Servo driven Smart Belt Conveyor with infeed sensor, directly linkable to the output conveyor of the stamper or manually fed infeed conveyor.
2. Servo driven wrapper feed arrangement
3. Double cutter sealing Jaws.
4. Servo for size change.
5. Machine time settings on HMI with recipe storage, PLC, HMI and servo drives from Delta. (Output speed up to 160-180ppm – variable)
6. Tool Kit

Optional Features:

1. Infeed conveyor to link the machine to the stamper.
2. Link up conveyor (2m long)
3. Splicing unit.
4. Change parts.
5. Emergency spares.
6. Maintenance free non -mercury slip rings(imported)
7. Heater Retraction
8. Collator