Wrapper 8000T: Soap Wrapping Machine: numerous innovations carried out on the machine give better speed performance with MLP wrapper. The soap transfer system is further refined in the latest update for high-speed transfer of tablet. The optimized array of smart conveyors; five-station, continuous motion pick and place transfer ensures pressure-free transfer of individual tablets, thereby ensuring dent-free operation. Cut off unit has been optimized for better wrapper and stiffener roll control, which control eyemark correction at high speed.




» Fastest speed in its class
» Fully automatic link up to toilet soap stamper
» 6 Servo/PLC system with touch-screen controls by Allen Bradley
» Fully integrated safety Auto splicing of wrapper & stiffener rolls to save time

Wrapper 8000T soap wrapping machine

is designed to wrap your toilet soaps in a gentle way that doesn’t leave any dents on the product. It also has a suction pick and place system for quick and easy transfer of the soap from the packaging to the dispenser.

The wrapper splicing system allows for fast roll change, so you don’t need to keep rolls of wrappers on hand. The wrapper sealing system is designed with heated belts and an air-cooling system that ensure quality sealing at high speed.

Khosla customers have been using this machine at their facilities for over five year now, and it has proven very dependable. Please connect with us as we look forward to sharing our insights to improve the output of your soap lines.
  • Two stage servo based infeed conveyor with HMI settings for PLC control.
  • Continuous motion suction pick & place for high speed operation.
  • Auto feed conveyor.
  • Four axes servo control with HMI for: fully automatic cut length selection for wrapper and inner card liner, print mark control and overlap control. All settings are done from HMI.
  • No-product-no-wrapper interlock, accurate automatic print registration at high speeds.
  • Web break interlock.
  • Special design discharge end conveyor to minimize skew.
  • Self lubrication main mechanical drives.
  • Digital temperature controls, Main motor AC Variable speed drive.
  • Automatic splicing units for stiffener & wrapper.
  • Machine is designed to give up to 230 ppm (machine speed and accuracy is dependent of quality of packing material, soap size and its quality, uniform inflow of the product)
  • Heavy distortion free cast structure
  • Full safety guarding with electrical interlocks.
  • Logging of production output, down time and machine efficiency data for shift-wise production.
  • Automation hardware from Rockwell automation.

Optional Features:

  • Change parts.
  • Tool Kit.
  • Emergency Spares Kit.
  • Remote diagnostic features.
  • Mirror image orientation to allow single operator to run two machines.
  • MIS for production data of shift available from HMI.
WRAPPER 8000T Wrapping Machine
Pack Size (L x W x H) MAX (110 x 65 x 40) MIN (65 x 35 x 13) Note: Other dimensions may be considered on request combination of max. sizes may be out of the range of specifications
Line Drawing of the pack
Wrapping Material WRAPPER: Paper/Poly / Hotmelt / Lamination Stiffener: Card PAPER / Poly Laminate
Maximum Reel Width (Packaging Material Dimension) 160 mm
Maximum Reel Diameter(Packaging Material Dimension) 600 mm
Core Dia of Reel 76 mm
Bare Machine Size (L X W X H) (4300 x 1035 x 2150) mm
Packed Machine Size (L X W X H) (4700 x 1475 x 2285) mm
Bare Machine Weight 1800 Kgs. Approx.
Packed Machine weight 2400 Kgs. approx.
Packed Conveyor Size (L X W X H ) (2355 x 765 x 1370)mm
Bare Conveyor Weight 366 Kgs. approx.
Packed Conveyor Weight 466 Kgs. approx.
Automatic Transfer of the product from Manufacturing Line to Packaging Line Yes
Sub Assy Pictures
Sub Assy Pictures Sub Assy Pictures

The above data is a general guidelines, production speed will depend upon product size and characteristics, proficiency of feeding, and wrapper characteristics. The production speed will also be lower than mechanical speed stated above if one or more factors are close to the range limits.

Machine Layout- Front View Floor Layout – Top view
w8000T w8000T